Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect Timing: Emma Checks In from Rome

My slumber/birthday part was in full swing, and I had just finished a glass of champagne when Emma called me yesterday afternoon to wish me a happy birthday. She had borrowed a cell phone. (Thanks, Heather!)

She laughed about my party and said it sounded like fun.

As far as her trip, she said that she is just beginning to recover from last week, that Assisi was the most beautiful of the places they had visited, and that she hadn't found any good chapel veils to purchase in the stores. She is still awed by the bigness and grandeur of the churches.

The girls are staying in a hostel in Rome, and the boys are camping in the basement of the SSPX church. I forgot to ask where else they had stayed, but she did mention that their group had moved every couple of days. From what I understand, they will stay where they are until they return home on Saturday.

They are going on the pilgrimage to the seven churches of Rome on Thursday.

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