Saturday, August 7, 2010

Third Order Carmelite Leaves Pro Life Legacy

Dr. Edward Hannigan: A Pro-Life Hero Texas Right to Life

"As a moral pillar of UTMB, Dr. Hannigan was crucial in keeping abortion out of UTMB. He stood firm during accreditation review procedures when questioned about UTMB not offering abortion or abortion-related services on its premises. He also shaped the convictions of countless medical students so that they, too, would adopt only life-affirming medical practices."

I did not know Dr. Hannigan, but he was a fellow parishioner of Queen of Angels. I was very impressed by what I read in the Texas Right to Life article linked above. He received Last Rites from Fr. Zendejas shortly before he died on Tuesday and was buried in a Carmelite habit at Mount Olivet Cemetery yesterday afternoon. His obituary is here.

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