Friday, September 24, 2010

Things You Can Do in a Skirt

Be obedient to your father when he asks you to do things that you hate

or to go out on a date.

Go to college.

Ride a bike.

Build a snowman.

Be a princess.

Or a fairy godmother.

Honor the dead.


Toss an egg.

Milk a cow during the bone-chilling winter freezes

and the hot summer breezes.



Be girlishly silly.

Climb a tree to rescue your kitty.



Tend bees.

without ceasing.


Kindred Spirit said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful daughter, beautiful examples of beautiful womanhood! These pictures tell the story of virtue much better than many words can say. Thank you for posting these treasures, Wendy.

Wendy Haught said...

Thank you. May the pictures bring glory to God, who deserves all the credit.

Dymphna said...

I've gone to the mountains, the swamp and some pretty rough hiking trais in a skirt and did fine.

Wendy Haught said...

Dear Dymphna,

Oh, yes! We have hiked through several national parks in our skirts, even to Piegan Pass in Glacier when there was still snow and ice up there. (Well, we almost made it to the Pass. We didn't have proper shoes and so couldn't get across a sheet of ice.) I wanted to share photos but couldn't find any. I think they must be on a computer that crashed. :(

Pablo said...

May God bless you all with many more of His abundant graces.


Wendy Haught said...

Thank you, Pablo. I read your profile and prayed the Hail Mary that you requested. Viva Cristo Rey!

Nicholas said...

I love this post! Lovely pictures. :) Emma is such a wonderful example of true Catholic beautiful womanhood. And there's some of my pictures there too! :)

berenike said...

it'd be less bone-chilling if you weren't wearing a summer skirt/were wearing tights ...


Wendy Haught said...

Dear Berenike,

You are of course absolutely right. Tights make a world of difference. She normally does dress more warmly than this, I just didn't have another photo of her milking in winter. However, even appropriately dressed, it can still feel bitterly cold here because of the humidity and wind. And it was her hands that suffered the most. I hope this winter we have a barn to milk in.