Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Looks So Homey: My New Old Work Table

Getting ready to whip some cream yesterday afternoon.

The view from behind the kitchen table.

Looking from the dining room through the kitchen to the game room.

From the refrigerator looking through to my desk in the living room.
 My kitchen is large, but it also has had this odd empty space right in the middle that has bothered me since I first beheld it in 2004.  The island should have been longer to take advantage of it.  We've talked about replacing all the miles of ugly, solid-gray formica countertops in the kitchen and building a new, bigger island, but it would be hugely expensive, and this is just not a priority to me.  So when I spotted this old table at the junk store last week, I could not resist hauling it home.  Not driving the Excursion any more has really crimped my junk store shopping style.  (I switched cars with my husband when Emma started driving, so that she could have the use of the Honda rather than trying to maneuver a vehicle that is seven inches longer than a Suburban.) But that particular day I happened to have it because my husband was out of town, and I had dropped him off at the airport so that I could have a vehicle all week.  It's been kind of tight around here with Emma taking the Honda to school 4 days a week.  So anyway, I picked up this table and stuffed it into the back of the Excursion.  I paid $74, including tax, which I thought was kind of high, but it met all my other requirements for size and looks, so I got over the price.  It was a lot cheaper than a new island.  Perks include the fact that it covers up Cotton's food and water station and my wheat bucket; I have a handy place to throw down hot pans right out of the oven, and I can sit down to use the cutting board when my legs get tired from standing on the tile floor.  Plus, I got to clear some counter space and beautify the table with some of my wooden tools and a butter mold.


Kristyn said...

I love the way the colors are perfect in your kitchen, Wendy. It is a charming little table and fits the space so nicely. My friend calls this "shopping with your guardian angel." :)

Wendy Haught said...

Thanks, Kristyn! I especially like the idea of shopping with my guardian angel. What a timely comment, as today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels!

Emily G. said...

You have such a big kitchen! It's lovely. The new table looks very useful. Sounds like you have found many uses for it already. At Christmas time it could be your cooky baking table, too-for rolling and cutting out, or cooling on towels. I think it was worth the money.