Monday, October 11, 2010

Look to the East

Our black labs dug out Friday night and apparently cavorted around the countryside with unscrupulous characters.  They brought one of them home early Saturday morning for a breakfast of fresh chicken.  Emma discovered the hungry intruder and flew from the house to chase him away.  I followed.  I retrieved our two bad boys and locked them up, however temporarily, and returned to the front yard to see if Emma needed any help.  It's funny, I can't remember where the strange dog was at the time I re-joined Emma.  I think he must have trotted to the road.  All I do remember is that for the first time I looked to the east and discovered a dramatic sunrise with this romantic mist softly kissing the hayfield.

In all our rushing about tending to the present danger, we had almost missed it.

"Emma, LOOK!" I insisted, pointing.
"Get the camera!" she instructed, not willing to leave her post lest the dog come back.  I hurried away but not fast enough for her. 
"RUN, MOTHER!" she shouted.


Kindred Spirit said...

Magnificent beauty! Thanks be to God for such wonders as these to lift us above the chores of the day! May Almighty God bless you and your dear ones, and may He send you many more reminders of His Love for you all.

Fotofule said...

Lovely, Miss Wen. #4 is my very favorite. Almost looks like a scene from our bayou...

Emily G. said...

How very beautiful. Your camera did a wonderful job capturing it.