Monday, October 18, 2010

Once More to the Ball

Just outside the ballroom entrance, prior to Emma trading her pink pumps for pink ballet shoes.

Emma attended her second Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Ball on the evening of October 2.  Hosted by the Houston chapter, it was the culmination of several weeks worth of practicing the program dances, which included a variety of skill levels.

Here's a sample:

Emma's expression shows the excitement she feels upon entering the ball room during the Grand March.

I'm not sure which dance this is, but the first one on the program was "Haste to the Wedding", and Emma looks like she is doing just that in her white dress.

Emma's switch to ballet shoes instead of Ghillies proved a good one.  She did not fall one time.  I still laugh about what she told me last year when I said something about her falling at the ball: "I did not fall.  I collapsed gracefully to the ground."

Lots of kilt action here.


Emma with her teacher from last year, Moon Weiss



Fotofule said...

Well FINALLY! Hehe, I was beginning to despair, not hearing from you (your blog, that is). Lovely, lovely photos. Wish Emma was in the "kilt action" pic. LOVE that one!

Wendy Haught said...

Sorry for the long dry spell, Miz B. I've been waiting on Emma to help me get video clips loaded. I was despairing right along with you, then decided to just go with the pics, and if I get to add video later, that'll be peachy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they all look so lovely! Emma is so graceful. What a fun time had by all...
Jennifer W.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking back at these for old memories' sake, and it put such a smile on my face! I only hope I'll be able to come back for this year's ball.
I love how in that last photo we look so calm and reserved when in reality we were belting out old ballads and laughing 'til we fell off our chairs! :D