Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roosters and Men

I understand roosters--what makes them go; what they're thinking when they cock their head to the side and peer up at me with that cold eye.  I understand roosters, and I act accordingly.  I don't expect them to change for me and act like hens.

Roosters share some important traits with men.  Knowing roosters has helped me understand men better.  The curious thing, though, is that the traits I see roosters and men sharing do not foster bonds of friendship or respect between them.  When the rooster exhibits his rooster behavior to my husband,  my husband gets angry and declares,  "I am not going to put up with this!" and plans the rooster's demise.

Why does he not say to the rooster, "As a man, I understand that you are defending your home and your women.  I respect that, and I want you to know that I value and greatly admire your success as a breeder."

Tis a puzzlement.


Tom said...

:) I was arguing the same thesis a few months ago, on "Picasa": That chickens are quite human like in many aspects.
I first came to this when I realized how amusing, and funny us Teenage boys must be.... when I was watching a half grown rooster walk about with his half grown comb,( this comparison being to youths fuzzy faces, n' half gorwn beards) trying his hardest to make a decent crow. It was quite pitiful.... Teenage Boys: fuzzy faces,(sometimes proud), awkward in their speaking, expression and even thinking = Young roosters. I then realized how pitiful we must seem.
Naturally it makes sense that this Human characteristic is carried on to adulthood; boys get along quite well. You'll make 6-7 new friends during a friendly game of football; but as I have seen sometimes when we become men ( excluding I XD) we can become slow to make friends, proud - almost hostile in establishing our rank, or place, with people. As with roosters, most young roosters get along fine and are quite "sociable", but when they reach that age near to "adulthood" it becomes about getting one's place; the only "friendship" comes in/with a clear recognition of rank.
Roosters are quite human... Manly, to be more specific.
( and of course this is pretty general and does not necessarily apply to ALL Men, and to ALL boys, and to ALL roosters; And is more about pointing out the Human quality's of roosters)( as some roosters are very mellow, or kind.)

And quite funny about what they're saying when they crow, Michael and I were talking about that; " This is my land, this is my land, these are my hens!" hehehe.

This similarly applies to hens.... I came up with a applicable comparison for them aswell. It fit equally as well.

Eliza said...

Funny, recently I have come to notice how like cackling hens women can be! On several occasions, at work, church, or homeschool functions, I've seen women gathered in a crowd, each trying to talk louder then the other, laughing or cackling loudly, and scurrying about when frightened. I observed them henpecking their husbands, children, and other women. The roosters seem to show some honor in their behavior, but the hens appear foolish, silly, somewhat vulgar even. I can imagine some people might be rather annoyed, but the more I see the less I want to be in that crowd of woman.

Tom said...

Hen's: with hens the comparison is pretty obvious, as you see with all the nickname's/expression/thingy-stuff this has been seen and thought by many people: old hen, old mother hen, chicks, chickadees... ect.
so you see Hens, and women share many qualities: the desire to live in a community, to protect their young, to gather about in groups and gossip "pick a little talk a little pick a little talk a little , cheep cheep cheep, pick a little more" or however that song from the music-man goes... they're jealous, submissive; fun to pick up and squeeze, and pet.

as you see the instinct to care for young things in humans, so is that trait there in hens, I suppose you've all heard about how farmers/farm dwelling/country dwelling people will use bantam hens to hatch there turkey eggs. it is quite funny to see this little hen sitting on these two great big eggs, but she goes right along and does it. then when they hatch she follows them around and protects them from all the other chickens,( even when these turkeys are twice her size), like a regular mother hen.( hehehe)

so to put it short hens are like women sweet, moody, caring, kind, jealous, protective... the list goes on. God gave us chickens so we can see ourselves in them... (nah I'm joking.. :D he gave them to us to fry.)

as you see this one may not be so accurate and is still even more general my apologies I hope you quite see the point, and are not too disappointed.

Wendy Haught said...

Tom, I love that you think hens are fun to pick up and squeeze and pet! You're such a charmer!