Thursday, January 13, 2011

Detox Fun and Hashi's Update

Our refrigerator is bursting with full egg cartons.  Good thing Fiona is dried up so that we don't have gallons of milk to deal with as well.  Emma and I are on Day 7 of the Detox/Elimination/Provocation diet.  Elimination means no eggs, no dairy, no beef, no pork, no gluten-containing grains, no corn, no tomatoes, no soy, no peanuts.  We have a nutrient-rich shake we drink before meals which are supposed to be fish, fruit, leafy vegetables and a little turkey or chicken. . .

But we've discovered brown rice cakes.  After the fourth day on the diet, I bit into one, and it tasted fabulous.  "I LOVE brown rice cakes!" I enthused to Emma.  "Oh, me too!" she affirmed.  They're the best food we have in the house!"

You can see how we've regressed.  And tomorrow it can only get worse.  Tomorrow we start the dreaded subtraction of Phase 3:   no fish or poultry either.

Thank goodness we'll still have rice cakes!

Emma's symptoms change regularly, but the depression and the hypoglycemia have not reared their ugly heads in two weeks.  That is a great blessing.  The gluten-free diet seems to be working.  Her brain fog is much improved.  The strangest improvement of all happened the other night.  She discovered that she can now play hymns that have chords simultaneously in both hands.  I never knew that she couldn't play hymns like this.  I thought she just chose to play the right hand only because she just wanted the melody to sing along with.  She plays all kinds of other music with both hands.  It never occurred to me that she couldn't play the hymns as written.  Her piano teachers never required her to play hymns, so the issue never came up.  Anyway, she was shocked and happily surprised to find that she can now play them.  The brain is an amazing thing.  The impact of food on the brain is even more so.

Emma is not on any medication at this point.  For now, her treatment plan is to do the de-tox, avoid stress, restore her vitamin D level, eliminate gluten, and apply an antioxidant cream, glutathione, to her feet and throat.  We are both happy with her progress so far.

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