Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't Pass the Butter

'cause having your own supply is just too important, especially if you are investing in Pasture Butter or KerryGold.  I just bought this set of two at Tuesday Morning for $9.99.  I would have bought three more, but this was the last one at that location.  It's made by Fifth Avenue Crystal.   It's the Portico design, and it matches the punch bowl that Nathaniel gave me for Christmas one year.  If I don't find three more at another Tuesday Morning location, I'll hunt them down online!

Of course, these are kind of fancy.  For everyday use, I found a clear glass one and a white porcelain one at Crate and Barrel for $4.95 each.  They are next on my procurement list.  I think I will go with the clear glass, because my dishes are an off-white.  Plus, if you're like me and use butter from grass fed cows, you get to see the gorgeous deep yellow of the butter with the glass one.  It's like having a sunny day right on your table. . .hmmm.  I just had a vision of two of our eggs with their almost-orange yolks, sunny side up on a plate with my little crystal butter dish alongside.  I think this detox/elimination diet is finally getting to me.  I haven't had any eggs or dairy in a couple of weeks.


Kathy said...

I need to find a source for raw milk. It's legal to sell direct from the farm in MO so one of the neighboring farmers might. Years ago I brought my grandmother's old butter churn home. It's actually glass with paddles and a crank on top. Your serving dishes are beautiful.

Wendy Haught said...

Hi Kathy!

Emma and I drool over those churns every time we see them. My grandmother had one in her attic, and she would let me take it outside and fill it with dishwashing liquid and water. Then I would churn up some bodacious suds. Good clean fun.

I hope you find some milk. You might check The Campaign for Real Milk website: http://www.realmilk.com/where3.html#mo

I'm glad you like my little butter dishes. I can't wait to use them. Nine more days on this crazy diet.

God bless,

Tom said...

well, Mrs. Haught if you wanna have me over for a couple of days, I can eat all you're Dairy and egg products. :)

Wendy Haught said...

Tom, you're a hoot. You are always welcome, but I don't think you'd be too happy with the fare around here just now. After we finish this crazy regimen, we'll have you over to gorge with us on beef and eggs and butter. . .*sigh*