Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Counter Culture

Still Life

Real Life

The Real Life photo captures the state of the kitchen after making sauerkraut and not cleaning it up before going to the farmer's market.  (There is no excuse for the toasted pecans; they've been there longer than I am willing to admit.)  There was still more beautiful produce in the car, but I opted to take the pic immediately, lest in waiting, I got distracted, which is an ever-present danger with me.  The little purple bag is a lavender potpourri that I purchased at the market.  I bought two of the large size, and Emma bought two of the small ones.  The vendor told me the large ones work great in the dryer for about 8 loads.  I might try it.  I already put one in Emma's hope chest.


Kathy said...

Are those measuring "cups" on the wall those pretty silver ones that have decorative handles? I saw something similar in a quaint little shop in Eureka, MO. They had the measuring spoons and cups. Nice and solidly made, a quality item.

Wendy Haught said...

Oh, yes! We have the measuring spoons also. They are very sturdy, but the cups are not. I discovered only after using the measuring cups that the decorative handles are attached to a flimsy metal that will bend. Disappointing, but Emma and I still enjoy them.