Monday, October 31, 2011

Emma and the Glass Slippers

The Time-consuming Ringlets
 As late as Saturday afternoon, Emma was still debating whether to attend the Houston District's Scottish Country Dance Ball.  She had missed two SCD ball classes and consequently didn't feel like she knew the dances well enough.  Also, she had been sick all week with a respiratory illness, and she was tired. 

So she took a nap.

When she awoke, she decided, "yes", she would go.  She only needed five minutes for makeup and an hour to fix her hair.  No problem.   That just made us an hour late for the ball.

As I drove madly away from the house, she produced one black glove and sadly announced that she couldn't find the other.  "What about your dance shoes?" I asked.

 Emma wore glass slippers so delicately wrought that they appear invisible. . .

but doesn't her hair look good!

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