Monday, October 10, 2011

The South's Gonna Rise Again With the Help of Tridentine Mass Supporters?

The crown of thorns given to Jefferson Davis by Pope Pius IX is on display at the Confederate Hall Museum in New Orleans.

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The emerging Dixie Independence Movement is now growing rapidly, and appears to be increasingly populated by Catholics, many of whom are taking leadership roles in the movement across the Southland. While it is impossible to calculate actual numbers at this time, reports are coming in to The Catholic Knight about many traditionalist Catholic groups, such as the FSSP and the SSPX, having a large crossover in membership with the League of the South and the Southern National Congress, especially in states that were part of the Old Confederacy (1860 - 1865). This of course is not limited to traditionalist Catholics, as many practical Catholics of all stripes are becoming partial to the movement.  

My jaw dropped when I read the above passage.  Then I finished reading the post and watched the video.   As someone who sees no hope of improvement in the present political "game" of the Republicans vs. the Democrats, I have come to the conclusion that the country must somehow adopt the Social Reign of Christ the King to avoid total ruin.  I couldn't imagine how such a Catholic alternative would come about.  I certainly never dreamed that it might come through the influence of Catholics in The League of the South, although I realized years ago that the Catholic agrarian movement of Fr. Vincent McNabb seemed compatible with the League of the South ideals.

Read The Catholic Knight's entire post and do watch the video also.  The video starts out a little slow.  Be patient.  It's worth your time.


Fotofule said...

I only just became familiar with The League of the South and have begun reading "I'll Take My Stand".

Wendy Haught said...

I used to keep up with the League before we moved here. I need to re-read I'll Take My Stand. Let me know what you think.