Thursday, March 1, 2012

Joining The Milk Cure 2012 and a Fiona Update

Emma and Fiona enjoying the lush Spring grass yesterday evening

Today is the first day of the Milk Cure.  Emma and I are both doing it for our Lenten fast.  We practiced this week by drinking mostly raw milk, raw kefir,  and kombucha.  Ginger kombucha mixed half and half with kefir is tasty and refreshing.  We ate one meal with meat at suppertime.

Read about The Milk Cure 2012 here.  It's a 10-day RAW milk fast being organized by The Healthy Home Economist.  Make sure and read all the links, especially the inspiring story of the woman who is healing herself of Lyme Disease with a raw milk diet--100 days so far!

I am going to add another picture or two later.  My internet is super slow right now, and it is taking too long to add each one.  But just look at the grass in the one above.  It's a fabulous time for raw milk here in southeast Texas.  We have had lots of rain.  Fiona is loving having some juicy grazing after the horrible drought we had last year.  I'm sure her calf is loving it too.  I think it should be gaining close to a pound a day at this point.

We don't know exactly when she is due, but her bag is filling out, so we are guessing that within six weeks she will calve.  We will be so grateful to have our own milk supply again: I am having to drive to Winnie, TX, to buy raw milk from Pure Milk Farms.  It's really good.  We are especially excited about the prospect of a calf to keep Fiona company.  She ran off again last week to hang out with some horses down the road.  This time she escaped because a ground wire broke on her electric fence.  We have three strands of wire.  One day as we were driving home from a restaurant, my husband pointed out to me a herd of huge beef cattle.  Then he had me notice their fencing.  They were kept in their pasture by a single wire.  Hmph.



Kathy Felsted Usher said...

She is an accomplished escape artist indeed!

Fotofule said...

So wish I could join you! How's it going?