Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Good Friday Bad Scare

I don't have a Lenten picture of the church, so this will have to do.

One of the first things that Fr. Zendejas did when he became pastor of Queen of Angels was to remove the crucifix from a fixed position on the wall above the altar.  He had it suspended by two chains high above the sanctuary, near the altar rail.  This was a first but necessary step in a long-term renovation.  However, it caused quite a bit of tension last Friday when it came time to take off the purple fabric that covers it from Passion Sunday to Good Friday.

A cord or strip of fabric dangled into the sanctuary from the covering above.  When the time came in the liturgy for Father to remove it, he gently pulled the cord.  Nothing happened.  He tried again.  Still, the covering clung.  He changed positions and pulled harder.  The crucifix lurched. I could feel the tension in the lady to my left, who was now sitting bolt upright as the purple-covered crucifix moved in the air.  Undaunted, Father jerked the cord.  The fabric fell away revealing our bloodied Savior swinging wildly from the rafters.  I gasped.  The traumatized lady next to me whispered. . .



Fotofule said...

Did you laugh? I would have been overwhelmed with the giggles :).

Wendy Haught said...

No, I didn't laugh! I was too scared!