Friday, July 27, 2012

Paleo Argument Against Raw Milk Fails

I always thought that "cows' milk is for baby cows" was a dumb argument.  By that logic, you would have to say that egg yolks are for baby chickens!  So I was really excited to see this post by The Healthy Home Economist: Dairy Precedes the Advent of Agriculture in Human History.

We are still not drinking Fiona's milk.  She apparently is holding back when Emma milks her, so that what we get has NO cream.  Emma will think that she has milked her out, but when Fiona's calf nurses right after, he seems to get plenty.  His mommy is saving all the "hind milk" where the cream is, for him.  So we are buying raw milk still, because we can't stand skim milk.  Traditionally, it was used for fattening hogs, not for humans.  It was considered a waste product.  I guess we won't get the benefit of Fiona's last three months of milk until we butcher Ferdie.  In the meantime, we are getting a lot of enjoyment out of him.  Who knew that a bull could be so sweet?

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