Monday, August 27, 2012

Lightning Bolt: Thunder Thighs are Part of God's Plan for Women

Titian’s  tribute to feminine beauty, the fleshy "Flora."
Those jiggly thighs you've been grieving over are actually storehouses of omega-3 fatty acid DHA for optimal development of your baby's brain during pregnancy.

That's right!  Rejoice my sisters! 

Quit fighting your body's God-given purpose: Stop buying into the globalists' media idea that women should be rail thin to be attractive.  Read more about how women's fat is stored and used differently than men's HERE.

And before you decide to follow the modernists' advice to finish college and "see the world" before you marry, you might consider that it's possible that God had something else in mind.  "Frequent and early" pregnancy may help prevent endometriosis.  This treatment was even suggested by a gynecologist to a young friend of mine who already has Stage 2 endometriosis.  So it is not just for prevention, and it's not just some crazy internet advice.  

We are wonderfully and fearfully made to conceive and nurture children.

There's beauty in that fat.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Then I must be really healthy! LOL. Seriously though, you're correct. Being rail thin is bad. I had a friend who was naturally like that, she ate like a horse and could not gain weight. When she would get the flu they had to be careful or she would end up in the hospital. A good balance of fat is essential.

Wendy Haught said...

It's good news isn't it? Especially after fighting my pear shape all my life!