Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Modest Motorcycle Mama

I just love the way my helmet squeezes my chipmunk cheeks.
Bet you didn't know I lead this secret life as the wife of a Harley man.  I quite like it, although after two hours my backside is numb.  Luckily, his is too, so we stop and take a break.

My favorite stop so far has been at a little cafe next door to an antique shop.  We ate lunch there and then spent 45 minutes perusing the antiques.  I think we were in Livingston, TX.  On Memorial Day we biked to Louisiana for a friend's birthday party.  En route, Herb took me through some little town where there was a church with a giant outdoor statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that he wanted me to see.  He had been there one afternoon when the sun was shining through some stained glass onto the statue.  He thought it was really pretty and that I would like it.  I did.  Next time I'll get a picture.

When he first got the Harley, I thought that we would go off for the weekend and camp in a tent.  I thought he wanted adventure!  And I was ready to go, but it turns out, he mostly likes day trips.  He assures me that when we go overnight, he wants to stay in a hotel--a nice one, probably with a whirlpool for our numb backsides.  LOL!

I've found that I can pray like crazy about all sorts of things when we are on a bike trip.  The funny thing is, he wants to talk, and he wants me to talk too.  Somehow the motorcycle reverses our natural tendencies in this regard.

As for proper attire, I have just been wearing my long, full skirts, and they seem to do just fine.  I had a little trouble with this blue one (in the picture) wanting to blow up over my knees because it is so light.  But I just tucked it under Herb a little bit, and that solved the problem.  I wear my cowboy boots.  Otherwise my feet get too hot.


Emily G. said...

I'm shocked, Mrs. Haught, that all this time you are a Harley biker babe and you never told us. :)

You two look very cute biking together. I always wondered if it was possible to ride a motorcycle in a skirt, and now I see that it is. I shall tuck that knowledge away for future reference. So far, I've kept Mr G from getting a motorcycle. He wants one to ride to work, but I worry about him wrecking and dying and I can't live without him.

I can't imagine trying to pack a camping set up on a motorcycle, even a big one. Where could you pack pots and food? I think a hotel sounds better. We just went on a camping trip and we needed a cartop carrier on our LeSabre to haul all the stuff. Granted, we camped with kids which meant that we needed outfits x3 for each day, but still...

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I didn't picture you on a motorcycle! Hope you're having fun!

Wendy Haught said...

Haha, Emily! I love leading a secret life!

I worry about my dear husband too, but I kept my fears to myself. If I were in your situation, it would be different. But my children are grown, and my husband has worked so hard all his life that I could not discourage him. He has gotten so much pleasure out of that bike. It amazes me.

He does understand how I worry and is very good about keeping in touch with me when he goes by himself.

As for camping, we would have gotten a little trailer to tow behind. I would still like to do that and maybe go into the Ozarks in the fall.

How was your trip? I hope to hear about it soon on your blog. I missed you and the children!

Wendy Haught said...

Hi Kathy! I figured most readers would be surprised. ;) Hope you are having fun and getting fit with your bicycling! I wish we lived close to a state park. How lovely for you.

Fotofule said...

I would not have recognized your sweet hubby :).