Monday, December 3, 2012

Secession in Catalonia: The Good News

The Confederate South has been criticized for too long for choosing to secede.  It's wonderful and downright inspiring to see secession movements in other parts of the world:

Six days ago, the people of Spain’s most prosperous region, Catalonia, voted overwhelmingly for parties favouring the breaking away from Spanish rule. As a result, almost two out of three seats in the Catalan parliament are occupied by politicians who want an independence referendum.

So says Dominic Sandbrook in this Times Online article.

Mr. Sandbrook seems to think this will end badly.  I think it is exceedingly good news for the world, and I wish the Catalonians all success, not because I am a revolutionary but because it is the only answer I see to fighting the atheistic New World Order--the only hope for ever re-establishing Christendom.  

While Texas has quite the reputation for being ready, willing, and able to function as a republic, I have read that Austin would secede from Texas if the state actually declared its independence.  I am assuming this is because the city's inhabitants are more welcoming to the homosexual agenda than the rest of the state.   Whatever the reason, Austin's secession would be fine as well.  Let birds of a feather flock together.  As for me, I pray that I may one day live in a Catholic confessional state.  Then I wouldn't have to live the compartmentalized life that this strange separation of church and state requires.  Besides, I have seen nothing to beat the fruit of Christendom, which was none other than Western civilization.  

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