Thursday, April 25, 2013


No, it's not a place where they serve only chicken breasts.

"Breastaurants" refers to dining establishments like Hooters and Twin Peaks, where the focus is on the female form of the server rather than the food being served.  I just learned this term this morning when reading a forum about future trends.  The contributors to the discussion disheartened me.  Not one had anything to say about God.  Basically, the prevailing thought was that men like sex and food, so breastaurants will continue to grow in popularity.

I realized what a sheltered life I live.

Maybe it's best for me not to know about future trends.


Jacquelyn said...

It is so sad what this world is coming to!

Angela Emerson said...

They just opened another one called Bone Daddy's near my house....disgusting......I would personally lose all appetite appeal....not only by looking at them but by knowing that their soul is blackened as well.
Bobby applied for Twin Peaks not knowing what it was...when we told him...he said "no wonder why I was not hired!"