Saturday, October 10, 2015

Living on Gecko Time

I don't know if it's the Year of the Gecko or what, but for the last several months, we have been blessed with a gathering of geckos every night--on my kitchen sink window and also on my mother's bathroom window.

We have grown to love them.  Every night, while I perch on the side of the garden tub, waiting for my mom to potty after I get her dressed for bed, we count the geckos on her bathroom window and wonder what they're thinking--why they favor this window and my kitchen sink window, and what they think about.

We worry that with the cooler weather, they will soon disappear.

"Don't go, geckos!" we tell them.

"They're so cute." my mother opines.

I think it's because ours are kind of chubby.  Also, there is something about the way they curl their tails, forming lower case "j's" with legs, that I find attractive--kind of reminds me of paisleys, I suppose.  I love the way they stay in one place, then suddenly all move and pause again.  Maybe it is gecko freeze tag, but I suspect it has something to do with potential prey.

Anyway, we count them eagerly each night.

"Only four!  Is it getting too cold for them?"
"Look, six tonight!"

We savor living on Gecko time, but winter is coming.

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