Saturday, January 9, 2016

Men Pursuing the Busy, Neurotic, Overachievers

I adore reading what men write about women.  It's so helpful to know how they think.   That's why I really like the Save the Males site.  I've been reading all its posts with a tag of femininity.   In so doing, I found What is Feminine, an article that addresses the issue of men desiring to marry women who have careers outside the home.  It helps explain the problem I brought up in my post, Women Waiting for Marriage, in which I shared my confusion over learning that a young man with a high income was seeking to marry a woman with a high income as well.  Here is an excellent quote from What is Feminine:

But men are also to blame. We have accepted the feminist lie that women should be independent and pursue careers. We have abandoned the many gentle and loving women who instinctively want to build their lives around a man. We have pursued the busy, neurotic, overachievers who guarantee us heartbreak, divorce and broken family.

By pursuing these women, we are really seeking our own lost masculinity. Many of us are happy to evade the responsibility of earning a living, and taking charge of a family. In either case we are condemning ourselves to frustration and arrested development.

Men have really been bamboozled by the feminist movement and don't know what they should be looking for in a wife!  The article makes many excellent points, but it is written from a secular Jewish standpoint, not a Catholic one, so it allows for fornication as long as it is in a long-term relationship.  *Eyeroll*

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Joe post script said...

Professional men are under pressure to marry professional women. And the kind of girl an intelligent man wants is likely to be directed by her parents and the educational system into a career. With intense flattery to encourage her in that path, and intense criticism of marriage and motherhood before age 25 and a well-established career she will be unlikely to give up. Whereas a man with traditional values is expected to keep his mouth shut, and is despised and calumniated for being honest about what he wants. The solution is pretty simple. A Catholic man or a Catholic woman should know better than to think that a secular society wants them to have a Catholic family with a lot of Catholic children or that the respective flattery and scorn they receive is well intentioned. I read this aphorism recently: Only a fool allows his children to be educated by his enemies. Does this end at age 18?