Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pushing the Spiritual Reset Button & Paying Attention to Promptings

I struggle mightily with getting caught up in the daily affairs of living in the world.  In caring for my dear ones I get emotionally tired and give in to my weaknesses, like spending too much time researching things on the internet or texting a friend, when my poor mother is sitting there lonely and dying to engage me in conversation.

Life seems to swirl by in this confusing tornado of appointments, bill-paying, shopping, and cooking.  But not nearly enough cleaning.  Disorder.  And then I take up blogging again.

I really should be cooking breakfast right now.  So I will get to the point.

Recognizing that I need to get back on track, this morning I went to traditionalcatholicsermons.org to listen to some sermons.  There I found information on a new English edition of the book, The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary Agreda.  This has got to be the third or fourth time in the last week that this book, with which I was previously unfamiliar, has been brought pointedly to my attention.  I determined that I will order it today and begin reading it.  Here's the link:  http://www.neemcog.com.  Then I skimmed through the list of sermons and found this one on spiritual reading by Fr. McGuire, "How to Read Spiritual Books Profitably."  At one point he talks about pushing the reset button on the GPS of our spiritual lives and "re-calculating" our direction.  Perfect.  Maybe you need this too.

May God bless you.


Cynthia Foley said...

Anytime I hear of a book, on the third time, I too will order it.

A dear friend of mine always tells me: "Everything you need to save your soul is within the 4 corners of your home." The Internet, texting, telephone, etc. Are just ways the devil/world uses to distract us from our good intentions.

Now, I already own the book you are speaking of, maybe this is my sign to read it. ;-)


Wendy Haught said...

Hey, Cindy! Good to hear from you. What an encouraging thought, that all I need to save my soul is within the four corners of my home. I guess that's why it is designated as the domestic Church. I just wish mine came with a priest and a confessional!

My copy of the book is backordered but should be here in a few weeks. I can't say that I am looking forward to reading it, just that I must. Lol!