Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where Did I Go Wrong?

After our long exile at my parents' house because of our house flooding, things are finally beginning to return to normal.

Recently, when I came home from the drug store, I saw a burro in the open field next door.  I told Emma about it, and she went to see if she could catch it to return it to its owner.

She provisioned herself with a bowl of dog food and proceeded to climb over our fence.  I don't know if burros go for dog food, but Fiona sure does.  I looked out just in time to see her hauling tail toward Emma.  Then I saw Emma land safely in the field with the burro.

The burro proved to be elusive, and Emma returned to our yard, dog food untouched in the bowl she carried.  I was busy doing something else by then and didn't pay attention.  The next morning Emma texted me these photos with no explanation.  (sorry about the formatting issues)
The Stalker

Closing in

Beware the bovine with a wild-eye
In Haught Pursuit!

Fiona Airborne.  Love.

Run, Emma Jo!

Needless to say, when I received the texted photos, I was a little alarmed--first because I didn't know if the chase was in progress at the time Emma sent the photos and second because I realized I had raised up a child who would take pictures when she is running for her life.

Happily, I discovered that Emma was safely in her bed and that the photos were from the day before when Emma decided to document Fiona's desperate attempt to "capture" the dog food Emma was carrying.

Just another dull episode in our boring life in the country...

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