Friday, April 8, 2016

We're Totally PC

Update:  I added a favorite Civil War song at the end of this post.

Panna Cotta forever!  I don't care if I ever eat another dairy-based pudding.  Emma's been making double batches of this delectable coconut milk pudding, using Deliciously Organic's recipe.   Talk about good and good for you!  It features grass-fed beef gelatin powder--we use Great Lakes brand--which is a wonderful source of amino acids.  This panna cotta is really creamy and dense.  I keep telling Emma we need to try it as a topping on this chocolate tart she makes.  Considering how much time I have spent imagining how delicious this combination would be, it's probably best we don't do it.

 The lovely color combination of the fruit on the creamy white pudding inspired me to use some of our recently re-discovered stash of awesome Confederate flag decorations.  Emma and I were so excited when I pulled them out from behind some cookbooks!  We started naming all the ways that we could make use of them, ending with Emma's suggestion of wedding cake.  Oh, yes, she is a Southern girl!  No, we don't believe in slavery, not even the wage slavery that was supported and spread by the North.  We do love the agrarian lifestyle of the Old South and that was more in line with the Catholic ideal.  Plus, we have ancestors who fought in that War of Northern Aggression, so it's wonderful to be able to honor them.

Here's a beautiful rendition of The Homespun Dress (O Yes, I am a Southern Girl)

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