Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tea and Tree: Something for Everybody

On our way home from the 4-H Fashion Show, we stopped just north of Navasota on Hwy. 6 and visited Martha's Bloomers . Their sign said that they had a tea room and offered landscape design services. Wow! Somebody opened a business with my two children in mind. How wonderful!

We were excited to find that they have a whole lot more than what I had thought from the sign. Visit their website to see for yourself:

I loved this rustic waterfall at the entrance to the main store.

Emma, always on the lookout for a place to cool her heels, spent a good ten minutes relaxing by this pond.

Nathaniel and I were impressed by this incredibly lush raised bed garden full of veggies.

Here is the Cheshire Cat minding the entrance to the tea room. We first saw him outside the door. He beseeched us, very politely, to open the door. He is the biggest cat that I have ever seen, but you can't tell his size from this picture.

How do you love to go up in a swing? We loved it exceedingly. Nathaniel took this picture of us. I took pictures of him, but he deleted them.

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