Friday, June 13, 2008

Anticipation: It's Keeping Me Waiting

Tuesday we drove to Texas A&M for Emma's participation in the state 4-H Fashion Show. She didn't place, but she had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends.

The trip took only 2 1/2 hours, so we had time for a swim in the hotel pool and a touch-up ironing session before we had to be at Rudder Tower for orientation at 7 p.m.

What a crowd! I never heard how many participants there were, but it was plenty. There were also plenty of changes to the schedule--just to keep things interesting. Thankfully our 4-H agent, Alexis Cordova, and 4-H leader/secretary, Glenda Lowe, met us there to help keep it all straight. The orientation ended with a tour of the important places the girls (and three or four boys) would need to find on Wednesday. Our guide was a lovely girl named Elizabeth from the Beaumont area of our 4-H district.

Wednesday morning Emma had to dress in her costume and interview with the judges. When we entered the dressing room, the first person we saw was a girl from Comal County named Sally Rath who was wearing a costume made from the same pattern as Emma's. Sally, bless her heart, was as surprised as we were. Both girls handled it well, though. Nathaniel and I left Emma to wait for her interview and hurried over to the Rudder theatre with Alexis and Glenda to listen to the Roundup vocal competition. We wanted to support a local girl who was competing. She sang the Patsy Cline song, I'm Always Walkin' After Midnight and did a great job.

Another young lady sang a medley of songs which included The Simple Joys of Maidenhood. I did not know this song, but I made a note of the title so that we could look it up at home.

Our favorite, though, was a duet by two brothers. They wrote a song for their dad to tease him about his New Year's resolution to lose ten pounds. The boys said that he makes the same resolution every year, so they wrote a funny song extolling the virtues of liposuction. (If they think dear old Dad needs liposuction for a mere ten extra pounds, I hesitate to imagine what they might prescribe for someone who is actually obese--chainsaw sculpting?) Their song reminded me of some of the silly songs written by Jim Stafford and Ray Stevens in the '70s. It garnered huge applause from the audience. Luckily Emma joined us in time to hear it.

After a half-hour, Emma had to leave to go to the fashion show rehearsal. Alexis went with her. By 1:00, the rehearsal and the vocal contest were over, and we eagerly joined Alexis and Glenda for lunch at Olive Garden. I left nary a noodle on my plate.

Then it was back to our hotel room for a siesta followed by more touch-up ironing. Emma has determined that her next contest entry will be made with a wrinkle-free fabric.

The nap did Nathaniel a lot of good. He "pressed his luck" teasing Emma with the iron. At last it was time to go back to A&M for the fashion show. Emma wrote in her journal. . .while Nathaniel sang "You Were Always on My Mind" with Willie Nelson on the radio.Nathaniel dropped us off in front of Rudder Tower, and I left Emma with the other contestants.

After the fashion show was over, Emma changed clothes, and we checked out the Roundup dance. Alexis showed Nathaniel and Emma some dance steps, and they enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Never underestimate your 4-H Agent's talents.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the grocery store and treated ourselves to a box of Nestle's Drumsticks ice cream. How incredibly wonderful mine tasted, and I am not an ice cream fan.

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