Monday, October 27, 2008

The Best That I Could Do

Never have I longed so desperately for the Social Reign of Christ the King.

I found out Saturday that because I am so quick to point out the problems with McCain's candidacy my own father thought that I was supporting Obama. He told me, "You people who are supporting Obama are going to be sorry."

Well, yes. Mortal* sin does generally have that effect.

Since my father had this miconception about me, I wanted to make sure that my readers know that just because I am not voting for McCain, it does not follow that I am voting for Obama. I am not. I also wanted to let my readers know that though I knew from the beginning that I could not vote for McCain, I worked hard to help nominate a Republican candidate that I could support and to spread the pro-life message during the campaign. That candidate was Ron Paul. Not only did our family support Ron Paul's campaign financially, I distributed flyers and made phone calls as my precinct's captain. Herb and I were delegates to the precinct convention after the primary. We took Nathaniel and Emma and submitted a pro-life amendment to the Texas Republican Party platform that passed and went on to the county level. As a delegate to the county convention I stood up and argued against a man who wanted to eliminate a clear definition of marriage from one of the proposals we were debating and against another man who said that homosexuality was not really an issue except in California. I would prefer not to have been in that situation. I would prefer to live under the rule of true Catholic monarchs or at least in a Catholic country where good Catholic men debate each other, and good Catholic women stay home and focus on their domestic duties. Unfortunately, that scenario is far, far from reality, and I do try to deal with reality, though I often find it incredibly discouraging.

I will hate it if Obama gets elected, but I did the best that I could to elect a good man and to promote the pro-life, pro-family cause.

*I would feel like I had committed mortal sin if I voted for Obama, but I could not find any clear statement from the USCCB.

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