Thursday, October 9, 2008

Read the Bills Act

An organization fighting for smaller government, Downsize DC, reports that just last week the US Senate passed 15 bills with a total of 1,185 pages, and the US House passed 54 bills with a total of 875 pages. To combat this overabundance, Downsize DC is sponsoring a campaign to pass the Read the Bills Act. By registering to use their Electronic Lobbyist system, you can send a message to your Representative and your Senators asking them to pass RTBA.

Reading about this bill reminded me of a sermon that Fr. Crane gave over the summer. He said that Jesus was immovable on doctrine but soft on people. Our Lord was offended daily, but he forgave, ultimately sacrificing himself on the cross for us. Fr. contrasted this with the modern-day liberals' approach: They are soft on doctrine but hard on people. They say that you can believe anything you want, but they will throw you in jail if you offend them. Fr. said that this has led to a proliferation of laws and lawsuits--there are so many laws that one can not possibly know all of them or even most of them. He compared this with the simplicity of the Ten Commandments, which is being banished from American courthouses.

Kyrie Eleison!

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