Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Ron Paul's Message is My Message"

"I find it strangely satisfying that Congressman Paul, the little Texan who was soundly thrashed in his Quixotic quest for the Republican presidential nomination – the man who was laughed at and mocked as a kook when he tried to alert us all to the fragile and unsustainable nature of our money system – is now seen by more and more Americans as the one politician who told us the truth. No wonder the system spit him out."--Ron Smith, "Wall Street Rescue May Be Worst Legislation Ever"

Yes, indeed, Mr. Smith. Fox News, which refused Dr. Paul a seat at its Republican presidential nominees' debate, now interviews Paul regularly as an expert on the financial crisis.

Dr. Paul is supporting Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party for president. In a statement thanking Paul for his support Baldwin said:

I am running for President because the Republican Party rejected Ron Paul’s message of constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and non-interventionism. Therefore, someone had to pick up the mantle and carry this message into the general election. The Constitution Party asked me to be their standard-bearer in order to bring this message to the American people in November. So, here I am. And now, Ron Paul’s endorsement is further substantiation that the message of constitutional government will not die in 2008. The American people still have a real choice instead of the big-government, globalist, interventionist, "big box" party candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama.

Ron Paul’s message is my message; Ron Paul’s fight is my fight.

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