Saturday, October 11, 2008

Through the Week in Feminine Dress: Final Saturday

We did make it to the Farmer's Market today. Two wonderful things happened before we arrived there. First, a man held the door open for us at Shipley Doughnuts and tipped his hat to us as we passed through. Second, we had been stuck in a traffic jam on I-10 for about 10 minutes without moving. I mentioned to Emma that we might not make it to the farmers' market before it closed. She said, "Let's pray." IMMEDIATELY upon closing with "Amen," the traffic accelerated to 70 mph without pausing.
In retrospect I should have called this series, "Thriftily Through the Week in Feminine Dress", as I think 98% of Emma's wardrobe comes from thrift stores and resale shops. Today's dress is no exception. It is one piece, but it has two layers which gives it added interest. She wears a full-length ivory "slip" under it to raise the neckline. Emma has used this handy trick on many outfits, as a modest neckline is one of the hardest things to find now that items like camisoles--which used to be worn only as underclothes--are so often worn alone as outer garments. She has also used the Regency technique of wrapping a chiffon scarf around her neck and tucking it into the bodice.

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