Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lost Dog Cheers Us Up

Emma found this puppy in our barn yesterday while I was at the store. He whined unless he was being held. I rocked him to sleep in Emma's bower while she was sewing there with our neighbor. He was a good, warm, cuddly kind of dog.
The puppy was really good for Herb, who was feeling sad. Emma discovered a flyer in our mailbox late in the afternoon describing a lost Black-mouthed Cur. We think the dog liked us and wanted to stay. He tried to eat the flyer.

Herb called the number and talked to the owner. Herb asked him how he lost the dog and found out that it had jumped out of the back of his truck. Arranging to meet the owner at our gate, Herb waited down there for more than 20 minutes, cuddling the puppy the whole time. When the owner arrived, a young man and his wife, Herb told them not leave the puppy in the back of the truck anymore. Then he handed it over.

I hope he comes back to visit sometime.

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Emily G. said...

What a cute little guy! He certainly came at an opportune time.

My siblings once found a tiny beagle pup which they kept for about 4 days. He required almost constant cuddling to keep him quiet. :) Our neighbours, to whom he belonged, offered him to my family, but my mother is adamant on her one-dog-only policy.