Monday, January 26, 2009

The Battle and the SSPX Bishops

The days are dark and darkening, but the enemy of darkness, the Catholic Church, still stands. Sadly, many defensive posts on her walls have been abandoned these last forty years by soldiers who wear the uniform but do not have the faith. The rebels move quickly and forcefully. An endless number mounts the ladders. The Holy Father sees the danger, recognizes that reinforcements must be called. The tepid will not do, though; he must marshal those who are ready to write the Creed with their own blood. They have been fighting, guerrilla style, in the forests and the fields. Now they must come inside the walls to fill the empty posts and to encourage those who still fight the good fight. The Pope signals the reinforcements to draw near. They come, but some from within the walls fire upon them with poisoned arrows, assuming they are the enemy because they have no uniforms. The Blessed Mother will know what to do. She hears the reinforcements praying the Rosary and singing her Magnificat. In the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph.


elena maria vidal said...

I think you pretty much summed it up.

Wendy Haught said...

Thank you. I hesitated to write it because I dread the poisoned arrows myself.