Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stash and Dash

The day that we dropped in at the May Community Center to tell the watercolor teacher that Emma would join the class, we stumbled upon two cartloads of fabric that they were giving away. I think most of it had been used for decorating tables, etc.

Emma was ready to wheel the carts to our car and unload them, but I restrained her. I let her select an armload and then cut her off. She crossed her arms over her new stash, clutching it fast to her heart, and jogged out the door and all the way to the car. "Emma," I called after her. "They're not going to chase you down and take it away from you. They WANT to get rid of it."

It didn't matter. She didn't relax until she had it all tucked away safe in the car. She has spent many happy moments since then dreaming of future projects.

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Emily G. said...

*chuckling* I'm afraid my reaction would have been exactly the same as Emma's.