Monday, January 19, 2009

The Stuff That Girls' Dreams are Made of: It's at High Fashion Fabrics

Saturday morning Herb, Emma, and I took off for the Urban Harvest tree sale at Rice University Stadium in Houston. When we got there, Herb saw the line to get in wrapped around the stadium. He didn't want to wait, so we left.

We didn't want to to waste a trip downtown on a Saturday, though, so I suggested an alternative. Emma and I have been wanting to visit High Fashion Fabrics. One of Emma's sewing teachers had recommended that we acquaint ourselves with its inventory. So Herb, being a good sport, took us there. It's at the intersection of Louisiana and Elgin streets and well worth the visit. We spent about an hour oogling and petting their wares. Herb suggested that we go back another day and visit their home decorator fabrics shop that is located across the street. Emma and I are ready whenever he says, "Let's go."I think that these mannequins that Emma is visiting are wearing silk. I know that there was an amazing selection of silks hanging on racks in one corner of the store. Sometimes you felt like you were looking at a color palette instead of fabric. Then there were the fabrics that would have looked at home in a jewelry store.

Welcome to the essential feather boa department. Individual ostrich feathers were displayed in vases. I don't think we'll be needing any, but it was awfully interesting.

Planning to make your own wedding dress? Get thee to High Fashion Fabrics.

The crowning touch, a whole selection of tiaras. The store also featured a huge selection of jewelry.

Sheer fabric with embroidery. So lovely, so delicate, so feminine!

There was a sumptuous selection of men's suiting material. Herb found a cashmere for $375/yd. but decided to hold off until it showed up as a suit at a resale shop. I liked the plaid in the middle at the end of the rack.

Herb showed Emma the glove selection. She was overwhelmed until she found out that the adult sizes were one-size-fits all, and they were too big. The largest children's size was too small.

I fell in love with this black lace and had Herb drape it over Emma so I could see how it would look as a veil. It has gold roses and bows attached. The roses didn't photograph well. $150/yd., approximately.

Pink lace is just one of those essential fabrics that every girl should have in her stash.

Emma recognized the sacrifice that Herb cheerfully made for her to visit the store. She gave him a big kiss and told him, "Thank you, Daddy!"

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Emily G. said...

That store looks like one we have here, only about ten times as large...*sigh*. I'm jealous.