Friday, February 20, 2009

Living the Feminine Dream, One Pair of Gloves at a Time

"I own five pairs of gloves," Emma announced to me dreamily, then leaned back in her seat, breathing a deep sigh of contentment.

We had just returned to the car after spending the afternoon poking through three antique stores, where, after much deliberation, she had purchased three pairs of gloves with money that she had received for her birthday. She also clutched a lovely brown veil that I had somehow been talked into buying for her. She placed the new taupe gloves against the brown veil.

"Don't they look good together?" she asked happily, as she made plans to wear them together to Mass. She already has a black veil to wear with the black gloves.

The above-the-elbow white gloves will be worn with Regency dresses and possibly to gather eggs. You can never tell around here. Some days it's shawls in the morning; some days it's hoop skirts in the afternoon.

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