Monday, March 9, 2009

Dressing Appropriately is a Courtesy

We attended a choir concert at a local university last week. It featured three choirs: a men's chorus, a women's chorus, and a concert women's chorus. The quality of the singing and directing in all three was high, but one aspect of the performance disturbed me.

The women's chorus apparently had no dress code other than "black". Young women in every kind of black attire paraded out on the stage and across the risers to their places. One wore a mini skirt with tights that featured an array of splotches all over them. Another wore a long skirt, but the "waist" only came up to her hips, and her top did not go below her navel. Some had plunging necklines; some wore tight pants. Their apparel was such a distraction that it took away from my enjoyment of their singing.

On the other hand, the men's chorus wore black tuxes. What a difference! Immediately my expectations were higher; I relaxed and thought about the music. I enjoyed their singing so much more.

The women's concert choir was also dressed uniformly and modestly. They all wore long black gowns. Again, it was a relief.

So why the difference with the women's chorus? I don't know. It was not fair to the women's chorus members or to the audience for the young women to be dressed individually. A basic choir robe would have been a vast improvement.


Stephen Wittkop said...

I am certain that your niece would be appalled, I'm also certain she would say that uniformity in attire makes one part of the group. I hope they performed as a group, even if they dressed like divas....I'd don a black tux in a NY second, if only I could sing.


P.S. Hugh your lovely children for me, and give Herb a little pat as well.

Wendy Haught said...

I thought they sang well, considering. So did Nathaniel and Emma. However, the dress bothered even my "worldly" son. He will be wearing a tuxedo to perform in his choir's upcoming concert and is really excited about it.

Hugs and kisses to you my dear!