Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Books that Got Away

I've finally updated my Shelfari bookcase. I have tried to get all the books to show together on one page, but I can't get it to do that. You have to click the "next" button that is under the shelf. Sorry.

Though I have updated the shelf, I am not reading anything new because I haven't finished the old. I am going to blame it on Emma, because she steals my books and carries them hither and yon. She finishes them; I lose track of the physical book as well as the storyline: "my" books travel through the house, into the car and maybe to Emma's bower or the camper. She has read a whole pile of "her" books since I last updated the shelf, but at this point, it is just too hard to recall all of them.

She finished In This House of Brede yesterday, so I have re-claimed it. It won't be as enjoyable now because she kept up a running commentary as she read it in the car, comparing it with the movie, etc. Oh, well.

I do remember that she read Where the Heart Is , the sequel to My Heart Lies South. I managed to complete Where the Heart Is over the course of a month when I discovered it under a pillow on the couch. It's the autographed copy that I gave Emma for her birthday, so I can't complain about her snatching it. She also read Madame Royale, a Christmas gift. I plan to start it after I finish Brede. And she read The Story of the Confederate States. That's all I can clearly remember of the books that have washed by my life raft over the past few months.

So for now, all the new books on the shelf are Emma's. She's deep into farming and costumes and The Decameron.

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