Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor Miss Boyle

I am one of the millions who viewed the YouTube video of Miss Susan Boyle, 47, performing I Dreamed a Dream on "Britain's Got Talent" program. Though I enjoyed the performance, I was struck more by the rudeness of the judges and audience when they saw that she did not conform to the modern world's idea of how women should look. She was wearing a modest dress and pumps and no visible makeup.

Today I read a London Telegraph article about her. The caption under her picture stated that Miss Boyle "admits" that she has never been kissed. Good grief! It sounds like she is guilty of a crime. It gets worse: In the body of the article it was revealed that Miss Boyle has never been on a date. Horrors! The woman is definitely a freak! If only she were divorced, half-naked, tattooed, pierced, and living with her boyfriend. Then she could be "normal".

This is how the Telegraph article described Miss Boyle's performance:

Her eccentric ways and less than polished appearance drew sniggers from the audience when she initially appeared but they were mesmerised from the moment she broke into song and gave her a standing ovation.

That's right. They didn't approve of her looks or her maidenhood, but they decided to make an exception because of her extraordinary vocal talent. Mighty tolerant of them!

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Emily G. said...

I felt the same way. In the video I saw on MSNBC, the announcer cared more about the fact that Miss Boyle hadn't been kissed than that she has such a remarkable voice. It's actually rather frightening that people are making such a big deal of it. I didn't think we'd gone that far downhill that it was so unusual.