Monday, April 27, 2009

They Danced with Princesses

I never expected it, though I hoped.

Saturday night our Keepers group had its annual Father/Daughter Banquet. This year the theme was a Barn Social. After a delicious catered meal and lively fiddle tunes by our homeschool group's own Katie Byrd, our caller announced the first English Country Dance. I trembled lest all the dads remained seated! But they didn't. They lined up and danced eagerly and happily. They were magnificent. The daughters beamed. Everyone smiled and laughed. The moms who were helping set up the banana split bar in the kitchen peeked out and whispered to each other excitedly: "Look, look! They're having fun!"

I will be forever indebted to Mrs. Susan Addington for her organization/management of the Keepers group and our homeschool 4-H group. She is an amazing woman who blesses every family in these clubs through her hard work and sacrifice. May God bless her and her beautiful family abundantly!

I am grateful also for Mrs. Barbara Attema's careful choice of dances, her excellent calling, and her desire to share the culture of English Country Dancing.

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