Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Can Lead a Hen to the Nesting Box

Nathaniel and I stopped at a dirt yard last week and discovered that they had three different used nesting box units for sale. When I asked the salesman about them, he asked me what I wanted them for. A little confused, I told him that I wanted them for my chickens.

"Oh," he said. "Most people paint them and use them for their kids' toys or storing shoes."

I laughed at the time, but I might be trying that idea soon. We have a lot of shoes by the back door.

Nathaniel hung the nesting boxes on Friday, but not a single chicken expressed the slightest interest in them. The next morning I moved all their food and water directly below the boxes. Still no interest. That afternoon I put straw and eggs in each compartment. The hens ignored all my efforts. They continue to lay in the front-end loader, the wood box on the back of our camper, under the console in the boat, and under the canoe. Occasionally, I find an egg in the middle of the driveway or under a bush, but in the nesting boxes. . .nothing.

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