Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Bee Man Cometh

I find it terribly embarrassing that we have still not completed the bee hive project that we started more than a year ago, but maybe our difficulties will prove inspirational for some.

To recap, back in January, Herb found some more of the nails that Emma needed to finish putting the frames together. She finally got to it a couple of weeks ago when Herb was home sick with the flu. It's always inspiring to have dad home, just in case you need project guidance!

Then she sprayed on another coat of paint, and I called Mr. Keenon, our county's bee expert and a member of our homeschool group. He came out yesterday with his wife and daughters and looked at my mom and dad's bee infestation on the north end of their home. He told us that he gets some of his best bees from our area. They originate from a feral hive under a mobile home nearby.

He recommended that we place the hive under a pecan tree in the backyard, facing east, adding that it's good for it to be close, so that you can check on it regularly. I saw Emma's face light up. Those bees will never have a moment's privacy.

He is coming back Thursday morning, at the crack of dawn, with his two daughters and Nathaniel's friend, Ryan, who has helped Mr. Keenon before with bee removal. Throw Nathaniel and Emma into the mix, and it ought to be quite a party! Maybe I'll have a loaf of bread ready to come out of the oven, and we can slather it with fresh honey.

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