Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Checkin', Squeezin', and Eatin'

When Emma went to check on the bees the other day, she discovered ants were getting in the hive.

Nathaniel hunted up a trash-can lid to put under it, and Herb re-situated the hive in it.

Emma filled the lid with water. She said there aren't many bees inside, but the ones who are there are working. We still need to get another box to go under the one we have. To save time, we're going to go to a commercial beekeeper and see if we can buy one.

Though we're not making much progress toward living in "the bee-loud glade", we're enjoying squeezing the honeycomb. . .

and eating the honey. I've been making pancakes using a recipe that Pleasant Hill Grain sent me with my Bosch Universal mixer. I love it because you put the whole wheat berries right in your blender with the milk and process for four minutes before you add your other ingredients. Don't try this unless you have a Bosch or an equally-powerful blender. You get to eat the wheat before it's had any time to lose nutrients from being ground! I've been adding an extra egg and a handful of oats, making a pretty nutrient-dense pancake. No one can usually eat more than two. Of course, part of that is because I always serve them with some scrambled eggs from our dear hens.

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