Thursday, July 9, 2009

She's Going to Have a Cow!

Emma pulled her friends close after church on Sunday and whispered excitedly. I wondered what it was about. Then one word escaped their snug circle, floated on the air toward me and slipped into my straining ear. (The straining ear is a chronic condition of motherhood.)


"Oh," I told Herb. "She's telling them that you have finally given in and are letting her get a cow."

So Emma is feverishly cow shopping. She found a Dexter that she likes. Dexters are related to the Kerry and are good dual-purpose cows. She is also looking at Jerseys. Besides high-quality milk, she likes them because they have pretty faces with long eyelashes. Unattractive cows will not be considered.

The cute cow candidate must be good-natured, accustomed to being hand-milked, and enjoy being sung to. Being amenable to wearing be-ribboned straw hats and other accessories is a plus, but not required.


Emma peruses a cow forum regularly now and has been researching the benefits of raw milk. I'm seeing early development of homeschool mom syndrome in her. After more than an hour studying the testimony of two expert witnesses in a raw milk court case, she reported that it was time well spent, as she had covered science, law, and politics. She mentioned a couple of other subjects, but I disremember them.

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