Friday, July 10, 2009

Illegal Aliens and Criminal CEOs

According to the Peter Morrison Report, Sen. John Cornyn is taking heat from his constituents here for supporting immigration legislation that does not immediately deport the illegal alien.

In describing the problem, Mr. Morrison says, "Frankly, most incumbents in Washington, both Democrat and Republican, have no credibility on this issue. Many Republican incumbents want to cater to the Cheap Labor Lobby, while Democrats want future voters through the inevitable anchor baby citizens and chain migration that alien labor produces. Voters should trust the analysis of independent groups like NumbersUSA over the staff of an incumbent looking to insulate his backside from grassroots heat."

I perked up when he mentioned the phrase "Cheap Labor Lobby".

As I was reminded of in the movie Food, Inc., we have corporations who routinely advertise in Mexico for job openings in the United States and actually bus the newly-hired into our country. Then, routine "raids" are conducted every so often to arrest and deport a select few of the workers, just to keep up appearances.

Yes, let's deport illegal aliens. But first, let's arrest and punish the two-bit, no good, yellow-bellied sapsucker CEOs of the companies who purposely bring them here.


Brittanicus said...

Such issues as immigration reform and health care should not be left to a thrall of politicians, who many do not have the public interest at heart in these matters? Already we have seen this materialize with the original under-funding of our main enforcement--THE BORDER FENCE CONSTRUCTION and the weakening of the illegal worker identifier--E-VERIFY? As it always happens the status-quo have always have the monetary inroads in influencing our legislators, leaving the general population to be startled by a new law enacted, before they have a chance to respond. It really doesn't matter who is the majority party, the American people remain alienated from secret wheeling and dealing. H.R. bills and amendments are passed in Washington chambers, but the real payout takes place behind closed doors.

This happened when Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi used their power to under-fund E-Verify or even kill it? Then in California right now--the SANCTUARY STATE--E-Verify is under a great deal of pressure, not to implement it. Assembly member Paul Fong (Cupertino) would prohibit the state, local governments, and special districts in California from requiring an employer to use the federal "E-Verify" system, even when that employer is a contractor to the government. This is typical at state or federal level, no matter the monetary consequences to the US worker. California residents should immobilize this idiot, and threaten him losing when it's time for re-election. SAY NO to AB 1288

Right now as I comment Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is looking for ways, to undermine the ICE raids and 287(g) the local police enforcement law as seen with Sheriff Joe Ariapo in Maricopa County, Arizona and in other states. I thought the whole idea of Homeland Security, along with our politicians when they took the oath of allegiance, was to protect us all? Even the--NO MATCH LETTER--has been compromised. Everything that really works--is CRUSHED! It's more like they are out to protect the interests of the US Chamber of Commerce, Council of Foreign Relations, ACLU and all the open border, special interest groups, including millions of jobs for illegal immigrants into our country. GOOGLE—about their—REAL—INTENTIONS?

They are already showing their true unpatriotic colors, by trying to force through another disastrous immigration reform law. They keep telling us that the 1986 Simpson/mazzoli bill is broken, yet it was never enforced by any president after Ronald Reagan signed it into law. Nor would good old Sen.Ted Kennedy sponsored it, if it didn't ring true? It's just another trick; to legalize "God Knows" how many illegal aliens will swarm the immigration agencies? How many their really are? Which is anybodies guess, will costs trillions of dollars to support these illiterate and many criminals in the majority of cases.

Not the pariah farmers or the businesses that do the hiring, but the taxpayer will have to foot the bill and the millions more who the lay siege to the border--once the word AMNESTY is heard. Now it's up to the American people to demand--NO MORE AMNESTIES! YES! To a strong E-Verify. GOOGLE--illegal immigration and financial costs, because the public is constantly fed propaganda from the Liberals. Call your state or federal representative today! 202-224-3121 In addition sign the petition to--SAVE-- California, to stop billions of welfare benefits going to illegal immigrant who have overrun the State at TAXPAYER REVOLUTION. See the truth at NUMBERSUSA, Questions: Did you know Judge Candidate Sotomayor was/is member of La Raza (the race)? Question: If a new health care plan passes, does that mean taxpayers will have to keep paying higher taxes to support poor illegal aliens and their families?

Wendy Haught said...

Yes, Brittanicus, you are right. The politicians do not have the country's best interest at heart. If I wrote my post over, I would add, "Let's deport the politicians, too. They are in cahoots with the CEOs.

We need to start over. I don't care if our elected representatives call themselves conservative or liberal; give me statesmen, not politicians."