Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ten Things That You Never Really Wanted to Know about Me

Emily G gave me an "award". With awards like this who needs pain and suffering?

The Rules:

* Thank the person who gave you the award
* Post 10 honest facts about yourself
* Pass the award on to 7 others

Thank you, Emily, for this fine award. I truly don't deserve it.

TEN HONEST FACTS ABOUT ME (as opposed to the dishonest ones that I prefer, like I'm 5 foot, eight inches tall and 120 pounds.)

1. When we first began the homesteading adventure in Louisiana, I used to fix a big pot of hot oatmeal for a butcher pig we were raising whenever it was really cold out. It made her smile, which made me smile, and we both got a great start to the day, smiling across the steam.

2. I looked forward to Friday nights as a child because old Mrs. Pitzer always came to babysit, and we got to eat TV dinners (loved Salisbury steak especially) and watch "Tarzan." Oh, and "Tammy".

3. I once disobeyed my grandfather and went down to the railroad track to hunt for hobos. I had seen their campfires and empty food cans under the overpass and was simply dying for REAL adventure. Big mistake. If Granddaddy ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

4. I used to sell stuff all by myself at the flea market every weekend when I was about ten. My uniform: a two-piece swimsuit, Keds, and a sailor hat. My friend in the first booth, the lady with the long black hair, loose skin, and no teeth, named me Lil Flea. I dutifully wrote "Lil Flea" across the brim of my sailor hat with black marker. It was Florida in the 60s/70s. What can I say?

5. I asked my husband if we could please live in a yurt, but he said, "No".

6. I adore giant gas ranges from the 40s and 50s. I asked my husband if I could get one, but he said, "No".

7. On our honeymoon, we spent one night in a roadside hotel called Granny Squirrel's. The exterior featured a huge, brighlty colored mural of squirrels. I asked Herb if we could go back for our 30th anniversary, but he said, "No." Do you see a pattern here?

8. When I was in high school I worried a lot about world peace. Kidding! I worried about keeping a good tan. Sometimes I had to skip school to maintain it.

9. When I was about 4, my dad had a dinner guest over. I have been told that I looked him over carefully across the dining room table and then told him, "You're bald-headed, and you have big ears, too".

10. I fell out of my parents Piper Pacer airplane when I was really little. That explains 1-9. OK, the plane was on the ground, but still. . .

I tag Cajun Cottage and Fotofule.


Emily G. said...

Well, I think I said you didn't have to accept it...but your facts were very amusing anyway.

Wendy Haught said...

OH, Emily, I had great fun doing it! I really needed it after all the sad stuff that I've been writing about.

Wendy Haught said...

Actually, I thought of several more after I posted the first ten!