Monday, August 31, 2009

Fr. Post Bids Dickinson Adieu

Fr. Gregory Post celebrated his last Mass at Queen of Angels yesterday and his 37th anniversary as a priest on Friday. He holds the distinction of being the first American priest ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre. Fr. Post treasures the two personal letters he has in his files from the archbishop.

Knowing our parish well after 17 years, Fr. Post chose the subject of confession for his last homily. After Mass, he gave us his blessing with a plenary indulgence. Fr. Zendejas went over the steps we needed to follow to be able to fulfill the required conditions.

We celebrated Fr. Post's contributions to our parish with a pot-luck luncheon in the hall. The choir sang a collection of songs that helped express the parish's affection for him. One of these was New York, New York. They emphasized the line, "If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere!".

A young man from our parish has volunteered to drive Fr. Post to Syracuse in the moving truck. They will set off tomorrow, and Fr. N'dong Ondo will arrive in Dickinson to replace Fr. Post on Thursday.

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