Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First, We Need Access to Healthy Food

"This is a totally unsustainable food system. It's not built to last--it's built on gasoline, it's built on pollution, it's built on exploitation, and it's built on providing food that makes the consumer sick. It's going to bankrupt our health care system. One out of every three Americans has early onset diabetes, one out of every two minority members. You can't talk about reforming a health care system when you're feeding people this kind of food. It's going to be way too costly."

--Food, Inc., Director Robert Kenner, as quoted in the Sept. 2009 Acres USA article, "The Food Revolution Will Be Televised".


Fotofule said...

I love this! As a nurse, I see the result of our national diet first-hand: patients whose diet is out of control and so is their diabetes, weight, and blood pressure. Pharmaceutical companies would hate it if we ate like our grandparents!

And I'm eagerly awaiting the DVD release of "Food Inc". It's the only reason I'm keeping a subscription to Netflix!

Wendy Haught said...

There is another movie called "Fresh" that I would like to see. Don't know if it will be available on Netflix or how to get a hold of it.

Netflix does have "Wit" about a woman (Emma Thompson) dying of cancer and how she is treated by the hospital. I would like to see it, but I don't think I can take the sadness right now.