Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Simple Guide to Men's Dress for "Life's Big Events"

Graduations, weddings, first dates--this article by Antonio Centeno, president of ATailoredSuit.com, explains in words and pictures how a man should dress. It also clears up the meaning of murky terms like "Business Casual".

Best of all, it makes the point that it's not about the man's comfort. It's about presenting himself in such a way that he shows his respect for others.

Here's an excerpt from the article that deals with funeral dress:

A man’s purpose when attending a funeral is to comfort the bereaved; by attending and dressing appropriately he shows his support and pays his respects to the deceased and their family. Funeral invitations are rare, but the prescribed outfit is universal across the English speaking world; a dark suit, a simple shirt, a somber tie, and polished shoes.

I will go through Nathaniel's ties with him and help him choose some that will be appropriate for funerals. For him, it will be more of a color issue than pattern. He does well choosing, overall. I have been a little too relaxed about the issue because most men at the funerals I've attended recently did not wear a tie at all, much less a somber tie. That's really no excuse, though.

Nathaniel is enjoying wearing a suit more now that I have found him the Van Heusen fitted dress shirts. They take all the puffiness out of the sides of the shirt and give him a tailored look even without his jacket. The leaner cut accentuates his shoulders as well. I think most young men would prefer this cut if it works for their body type.

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