Thursday, September 10, 2009

Full Me With Song

I have signed Emma up for the February 2010 "District Check" weaving workshop with Norman Kennedy. The whole idea of combining weaving and traditional Scottish folk music tantalizes us most agreeably.

Here's the workshop info Emma received from Clarice Shanks at Upstairs Studio:

Okay Norman is going to teach a workshop in Feburary 2010. The final date has not been set. We would like him to also give lecture at CHH meeting if he is teaching close to that week end. Which would make it a 3 day workshop. We are thinking of a 'Wool Waulking' ( this is a traditional fulling with a woven piece of yardage with 12 people at a table while Norman sings the old waulking songs) on the last day Sunday. You will need your own loom, 4h table or 4 h floor loom. This is only going to be sample weave. District Check is still being worn in Scotland by people that work for the big Estates. It identifies them as working for a certain estate or Lord. They may not always be check some are plaids. They are mostly drab colors. You will receive all of the wool ahead of time and must come to the class with your loom loaded.

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