Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Need a Miracle

Our friend Rudy Reyes, husband to Margot and father of Christian, 15, Christiana, 9, Julianna, 7, Joseph, 5, and Gemma, 3, (ages approximate) is in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit of Memorial Hermann Hospital. The stroke he suffered Sunday night occurred in the brain stem, and the prognosis is bleak. Christian told us last night that the doctors have told them that if his dad lives, he will never be the same. He is the sole support of the family with his business, Angelus Mechanical. His top priority, though, has been to ensure that his children have the faith, not material goods. He has succeeded. While Christian accompanied his mom to the hospital Sunday night, Christiana stayed up late praying Rosaries for her dad. Then she prayed extra decades and offered them to the Eucharastic Crusade. Christian has been praying without ceasing and staying at the hospital with his dad around the clock, allowing Margot to go home at night to stay with the children.

I have been told that the family has no medical or life insurance.

I have come to love Rudy over the last year and a half. There is a childlike sweetness about him, yet his faith is that of a giant. Whenever he came down from my attic after working on our air conditioner, he would be drenched with sweat but always cheerful. I would always offer him ice water, and he would not take a sip without bowing his head and saying a little prayer.

When he was done working on the air conditioner, he always took time to play a game of pool or X-box football with Nathaniel and eat a piece of Emma's latest baking project. At church, he organized all the chess tournaments and the baseball games and practices. He also planned group father-son outings to watch the Astros play. And he maintained all the air conditioners at church.

So please, pray for a miracle for Rudy.


Cay G. said...

I will be praying for Rudy and his family. How sad!

Jacinta Lanell Cormier said...

I will be praying too Wendy. Sounds like a lovely family.

Wendy Haught said...

Thank you, Cay and Lanell.